Bring Up your Mirror Selfie Game with these 5 Camera Angles


1. The Invisible Lean

Why is it called the invisible lean you ask? Because you want to show off that outfit from a leaning angle and leaning over a desk or table will take away from the main focus of the photo. Use this hand on face to simulate you leaning on your hand almost like the arm is resting on an invisible tablet. It will help you to get your face in closer to the camera at a side profile if you wish to turn your head slightly. 


2. Everything's OK 

For those who are a little camera shy. We've got the perfect pose for you. Something to show you off yet not the most straightforward plain boring poses like a standard selfie. Make a ring or "OK" symbol with your hand and place around the camera of your phone. This pose will work best with accessories like rings, Fresh set of Nails etc as it helps fill in the photo with your personal style and persona.


3. Inception Selfie 

Play the uno reverse card with this endless selfie through the mirror reflecting onto your phone display you can create mini me versions going through an endless loop!

4. Bootylicious (My personal Favourite)

This selfie is always going to look great. It screams confidence and fun. Great angles and perfect way to show off your outfit with a wink. Suggestions can include one leg up and wearing a fresh set of trainers.P.S. DO NOT FORGET TO TURN YOUR PICTURE THE RIGHT WAY AROUND BEFORE UPLOADING!!!


5. The Crouching Tiger

Last but not least for the front angle we can go head on with our selfies however still bring something new compared to the straightforward standing selfies. Crouch down in a comfortable open position and tilt to optimise how you would like to show your profile whether it be slightly to the side or head on!


I Hope you enjoyed these posts and appreciate it to those who made it to the end. We should always be trying new things to up our selfie game so any suggestions please feel free to comment below 

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