Are there designer iPhone cases that are both stylish and protective?

Are there designer iPhone cases that are both stylish and protective?

Price, Protection and Design 

There Are Many Times Where Fashion AND Protection Don't Seem to Mix to Well. It's Not Like Steel Toe Capped Boots Are Coming to the Latest Trends Unless You Happen to Be a Tradesman. Luckily We Take into Mind Protection When we Look for Our Cases as Part of Our Collections although Design and Price Point is my Main 2 Goals it is hard to Put on all 3 Price, Protection AND Design. There Usually is Some Sort of Compromise. 

Price - Does this phone case fit within how much I am willing to spend on a phone case. How often am I likely to change the case and would I like more cases within the ownership of this phone or prefer keeping to 1 until the end of its life or the cases falls apart

Protection - How valuable is the phone to me in terms of my everyday use. Do I use it on the go all the time and am I prone to dropping it or leaving it where it can get damaged (it sounds silly to say but I will expand on this point late)

Design - What sort of material is this case made from, would I prefer different textures depending on the style of grip I use when using the phone. Do I care how the phone looks to myself and others. Am I into styling and appearance and therefore would like to have accessories that can elevate my look.


We at Chiffle have always got you covered when it comes to Great Designs, Personalised Options at Amazing Prices. We are Always Looking for Cases that will be suitable for everyday use as to Keep Your Phone Protected. That's why we Try new Materials and Textures to get the Right Feel and Style 

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